Sunday, March 31, 2013

Out Like a Lamb

March got a lot happier as it went along...mostly because I left the country during the last week. Anyway, here's the list, How to Be Happier: March.

  1. Write a letter to someone special. Signed, sealed, delivered.
  2. Create a photo album of your life. These days who doesn't have several photo albums of various forms scattered about?
  3. Let go of something or someone who has been a chronic irritation. I recently went through my facebook friends and deleted several fun-suckers.
  4. Perform a routine out of normal sequence or location. I went to South America and performed the routine of life!
  5. Observe yourself without judgement. I try to do this often.
  6. Open a new savings account for a special purpose. I bought a new wallet does that count?
  7. Plant fresh herbs. We have basil and I'm trying to grow miniature strawberries!
  8. Do something special with someone else's child. I spent a week with my mom and dad's child in South America!
  9. Make a list of what you like about yourself. Hair, humor, eyes, butt, taste in music, cooking skills, ability to eat large amounts of food, interior decorating style, dance moves...
  10. Sit back-to-back with someone and express yourselves. I think we did something like this during MercyWorks?
  11. Immerse yourself in color. My apartment is quite colorful.
  12. Volunteer your time. I give my time to things I find important, whether they be organizations, friends, or food preparation.
  13. Have a lively conversation with someone. My friends keep most conversations lively.
  14. Look for coincidences. This is really hard to do on command.
  15. Dress differently. Differently than what?
  16. Trade roles with someone. I like playing pretend.
  17. Give someone a gift. Done.
  18. Organize a wine tasting. Does it count if I was the only person in attendance?
  19. Write down your dreams. I do this when I have particularly interesting or vivid dreams. Last night I dreamed about shopping for pasta and jeans...
  20. Take a long walk in nature. I took a several hours long walk down La Rambla with my sister in South America!
  21. Clean out your closets. Ah yes, spring cleaning. Feels good.
  22. Plant a tree to remember someone dear to you. If I had a yard...
  23. Don't wear a watch. Ha! Jokes on you, my watch battery is dead.
  24. Play the Date Game. Epstein defines this as picking out a date, then talking about what you did then. I'd call that the memory game and I do it whenever I get with friends. Doing it with a stranger might be interesting.
  25. Imagine your life has just begun. It feels that way after coming back from vacation, like life stopped while I was gone and now it's new. I like that feeling.
  26. Listen to songs you loved as a teen. Let me introduce you to my 90s Pandora station.
  27. Compliment everyone with whom you interact. Out loud?
  28. Pamper your body. Done! 
  29. Bargain for something. I bargained with my boyfriend for dinner...the most I can ever get is cheese and veggies cut for me. Work in progress.
  30. Decorate your work space. Well, I work in someone else's home...and that's decorated tastefully. I consider my room my personal work space and it's plenty decorated.
  31. Do whatever you feel like doing. My usual MO. Within reason. I went to South America because I felt like it, but also because I had time off from work.
March was awful and then it was amazing. The weather super bummed me out, but I left the country and things got extremely better. I have some color in my skin, the days are getting longer, I can cross Visit South America off my bucket list, and I have an Easter package on its way to my apartment. Spring is feeling good.

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