Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm Glad I'm Not Irish

...Or I would have to care about this weekend's holiday, and I can't wanna care about anything when it's 30 degrees out.

Remember last year when it was 80 degrees on St. Patrick's Day and I sunbathed by the lake? Ha. This year I woke up early to see the river being dyed, wanting to experience a real Chicago St. Patrick's Day tradition. It was AWFUL. Rainy, snowy, windy and cold. And the dye takes forever to travel the length of the river, so even though we were close to where it happened, we still had to brave the elements for an hour before catching even a glimpse.

Tons of people still came out, many of them severely under-dressed. We called it and went over to the guys' apartment to warm up/get lunch as soon as we all admitted that with no Irish ancestry, we didn't really care about getting the full experience. Not until we get some sun around here.

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