Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Yesterday I picked out a doozy of a movie. No one dies in it, but I cried like someone did. I recommend this one to anyone who has ever loved, anyone who has ever lost love, and anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like if Rashida Jones got together with Andy Samberg.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

This 2012 drama-comedy (also known as a hopeful tragedy in my book) shows us Celeste (Rashida Jones), a got-it-together trend forecaster, and her best friend/soul mate/husband/ex-husband Jesse (Andy Samberg), a some-time artist/dude who surfs. They've split, but haven't really let each other go. Jesse still lives in what used to be his studio, behind Celeste's house and they do nearly everything together...until Jesse starts seriously seeing someone.

Now it seems Jesse's let go and is getting his shit together, while Celeste falls apart, always needing to be right and never quite being happy. Cue Celeste dating montage followed by downward spiral followed by sobering realization that she definitely hasn't let go yet. I don't know why this movie wasn't/isn't more popular--I only knew about it because I follow Rashida Jones on Twitter.

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