Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ciudad Vieja y Mas Naps

Today Bailey and I took a bus to the oldest part of Montevideo, the part that used to be the entire city. We saw the most popular plaza in the city along with what used to be the tallest building in South America. Then we walked all the way to the shore and out onto a long pier next to the port. There were families out for walks and fishermen lined the concrete water break. After resting in the sun for a bit we walked along La Rambla and back into the city center. We took a bus back home, stopping at a second hand store along the way. Then, Nap Time! I'm starting to get used to a mid afternoon nap before nightly activities commence.

Tonight we are going to an asado at a friend's house on the edge of the city. Grilled meat, how I've missed thee.

Tomorrow we set out for a short trip up the shore; that's where the real beach naps begin!

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