Monday, March 25, 2013

Life in UY

There is sunshine here! It's a miracle. Yesterday Bailey and I walked through the feria (market). We saw two guys get into a fight after exchanging some colorful language. I won't translate for you, but let's just say you wouldn't want your grandma to overhear you talking like they were.

Last night we went to eat dinner at Laura and Dudu's. Bailey and her roommate Anna used to live there before finding their apartment. The food was great and it was an interesting experience--lots of language mixing and explaining stories with hand motions and gestures.

Today Bailey and I took a super long walk on La Rambla in preparation for our giant lunch. We worked up a pretty nice sweat, then labored over some chivitos (fried steak sandwiches with various toppings).

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  1. Happy Easter to our beautiful traveling granddaughters. Sounds like memories in the making. Great to hear your enjoying all walks of life. reminds me of our trip to Italy, super long walks, beautiful sights and sounds.