Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter/Home Again

Three flights and several naps later, I'm back in Chicago. All my travels went well on my way back to the States. I had two seats to myself on the long overnight flight, so I could actually stretch out and lay down to sleep, and I got the window seat on my other two flights. My ankles didn't swell up on my return trip like they did on the way south, so that was nice. Even though my last flight was delayed due to weather, my luggage and I made it home only a little grimy.

After a shower and some laundry, I'm celebrating Easter with Jesus. We made rice and beans (I haven't had any beans this whole week!) and if we can agree on anything, we'll chill out with a movie. Not the most traditional of Easters, but I made sure to eat some chocolate and I might even leave my dirty dishes for another day (reminder: washing dishes was my Lenten observance).

Hallelujah, Jesus is risen and I am free to be in my pajamas before dusk.

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