Monday, June 22, 2009

World Vision week

All for One week ended on a high note here in North Myrtle. We had the staff v. students softball game (Red Fog v. Blu Cru) which the students won by a pretty big margin. The rules varied from inning to inning, but all 94 of us had to bat at least once. We sent different people into the outfield each time, though I am pretty sure we all made it out there at some point or another. It was neat to see such a huge group of people come together, even for something so silly as a softball game. It is cool to know that we are only the second team to beat the staff ever in the nearly 40-year history of North Myrtle Beach Summer Project (last year's students were the first).

After the game on Saturday we switched gears for Sunday and brought in this week's World Vision theme with our International Dinner. As a member of the Prayer and World Vision team here I helped plan it. The goal of it is to help students understand that we are pampered here in America as far as religious freedom goes. It was interactive and forced students to think about different people and not just North Myrtle Beach.

Throughout the week then we will be highlighting our international partnerships (6 total--France, Australia, East Asia, Ghana, Latin America, and another European country). We will get to see the things people are doing there right now and what any one of us could be doing a year from now.

It is so amazing and scary to think that there is an entire world out there so far removed from what we know. I experienced that in Italy for sure, but there are even more dramatic differences in some of these places. Sometimes here in North Myrtle we are so focused on the recent high school graduates partying and living it up for the week that we forget about all the other people in all the corners of the globe.

"What then are we to say about these things? If God is for us, who is against us?" --Romans 8:31

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