Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Each week here at NMB brings us another theme. They focus on building community, reaching out to others, etc. This week is All for One and we are working on team unity. With 94 of us it gets hard, but so far it has been good.

The staff will leave some of us clues that we have to relay to the rest of the group by word of mouth only, things hinting at a student vs. staff softball game this weekend. We had to choose certain colors and the more unified we are throughout the week the more at bats we get during the game. We also get random strikes for lack of unity.

To figure out these clues we had a semi-secret meeting on the beach last night. We didn't tell the staff about it but it is kind of hard to hide the fact that 94 kids are leaving their houses and going to the beach. We decided on colors (blue and white) that we are wearing not only for the game, but the entire week.

I am really liking this week so far. On Sunday, when they kicked it off they gave us a challenge to see who knew everyone's name and I was the only one who raised my hand. I knew everyone and now whenever I see people they know me as the name girl. I guess I have a thing for remembering names--and it helps that I do a lot of people watching from our kitchen window!

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