Monday, June 1, 2009

The beginning

Last night marked the official beginning of NMB Summer Project 09. Our orientation finally over, we got to start in on what we will be doing every Sunday until August. First comes "Sunday school"--our morning time with each other. Then we go to church and enjoy the coffee and donuts provided after the service. Sunday afternoons are free for us to hang out at the beach or the park, chill in our apartments, read, etc. etc.

Then comes Sunday evenings. These are reserved first for creative date nights with each impact group (one guys' and one girls' bible study) and then for night meetings. So yesterday, our very first creative date, us ladies were treated to a picnic under the gazebo in the park by our guys' impact group. To get there, though, we first had to follow a set of clues that took us around North Myrtle Beach because "the most marvelous things in life come with certain difficulty and great patience," (according to their first clue, which led us to "the place named for a Kazaam and former LA Lakers star").

When finally made it to our destination (a cross between a gazelle, a zebra, and a Cheerio), the guys told us they wanted this to be the best date ever and gave us each a rose. What I appreciated most was them feeding us, though. Which is why we have a batch of monster cookies in our fridge waiting to be baked and brought over to them tonight. :)

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