Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Working Woman

The deadline to find jobs for project was today at noon, and I found one!

Yesterday I was checking websites for companies hiring and I stumbled across Ryan's Buffet, which was looking for a server. Two other girls said they had talked to the manager and were going in that afternoon to talk to him so I came along...and he gave us jobs pretty much on the spot. I think it helped that we are all on Summer Project because he knows we will be dependable (we are not allowed to quit a job once we accept). A lot of employers down here know about Summer Project kids and work hard to fit us into their employment rotation.

I will be serving fresh rolls, refilling drinks and cleaning tables for the summer...and I couldn't be more excited! I have never been a waitress before but I've always thought it would be fun. Orientation is tomorrow and I think I'll be starting Friday or Saturday.

Last night then we had our first Bible study of the summer--just my roommates and I plus our staff leader, Jen. We also did this thing where we wrote down all the lies we believed about ourselves (ie, I don't belong here, My ankles are swollen and fat) and then we crumpled them up in a bowl, took them to the beach, and burnt them. Now we have a bowl sitting on an end table labeled "The Infamous Bowl of Lies" for us to add to anytime we are feeling down about things. Each week (or whenever the bowl fills up) we will burn it. And of course we had to end the night with a beach walk.

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  1. Congrats on the job - I hear you're getting tan. Where's your sunblock?