Monday, June 8, 2009

Serving & Sharing

Last Tuesday was our first official Sharing Night--we split up into groups of 2-4 on Tuesday nights to do spiritual surveys (basic questions--> What 3 words describe your life right now? What happens when we die?) and get a basic feel for where people are at as far as faith goes.

I also started work last week Thursday, and now that I am totally trained and have my own tables, I can say I really do love serving. I don't have to take any orders, which helps a lot because I can focus on making people comfortable. People down here love to talk and they all know I'm not from around here as soon as I open my mouth, which makes it even better. In the days I have worked there were no major catastrophes--the worst thing was I once refilled a guy's sweet tea with Coke--and the tips aren't bad either!

Last Saturday we had community night with everyone here; they catered in a meal for us and we went to the bowling alley for Wacky Bowling. We had to bowl on one leg or granny style or sitting down, etc. I actually bowled a 90 even with all of the weird things we did and I think the top score was about a 105. It was crazy to see 94 college kids having so much fun bowling like maniacs. They played music as well so we would have random dance parties in the middle of a frame.

Today, my day off, I got up early for a trip to the inlet with my roommates. The tide is out early in the morning, so you can walk out pretty far and watch the sunrise. There were no dolphins today, but sometimes you can see those as well. It was so beautiful.

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