Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Agape & Answering the Call

Last week was the week our staff left and the theme was "Agape," which is Greek for love, but a specific kind of love--self-sacrificing, unconditional, consuming love.

We had an Agape Dinner on Thursday where we encouraged each other were encouraged by staff before they left for the summer. Now that the staff is gone, we are student led until August.

So far this week, "Answering the Call" week, we have all stepped up into our various roles. We have four new student project leaders (one of them is my roommate!) and then each apartment has a Bible study leader and everyone else belongs to a certain team, each with team leaders. My team is the Prayer and World Vision team; we explore different ways to pray, especially as it applies around the world.

Our weekly schedule is basically the same; the only change is planning meetings on Tuesdays for each team and we do more intentional exploring on Sunday afternoons when the beaches are full of people (not so much high schoolers anymore, now we get a lot of vacationing families).

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