Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Things My Students Say 6

Because it's been quite the week (and it's only Wednesday), a few nuggets of humor to get you to Friday:

Teacher: What is a Spanish word that sounds like California and describes it?
Student: Coliflor? (Cauliflower)
[correct answer...calor (heat)]

Student: When was Curious George invented?
Me: I don't know, but he was around when I was a kid.
Student: So, 1957?

Student while creating a drawing of things they want to know about space exploration: Does this look like the Death Star?

Teacher: Are you playing Pokemon in my class?
Student: Yes.
Teacher: My 7 yr old nephew plays Pokemon.
Me, to myself: My 28 yr old fiance plays Pokemon.

Student: So, you don't have any kids?
Me: Nope.
Student: You know, you're not getting any younger.

Student, during a fire drill: Are we going to have fire drills every Wednesday?!?

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