Saturday, February 4, 2017

Reading is Revolutionary: Book Recommendations to Battle Ignorance

We'll return to our regularly Saturday book reviews at some point, but today I'd like to share an article with book recommendations from countries targeted by Trump's racist "travel" ban. The article shares a bit about why this ban is problematic and inhumane, and its recommendations fit my "more women and minorities" reading goals for 2017. I find translated books fascinating, and I can't wait to get to a few of these this year.

From the article:
We stand at the edge of one of the most important periods of our lives. We cannot become immune to the suffering of others simply because they are not in front of us. One of literature’s greatest powers is the ability to illustrate our shared humanity and evoke empathy within the reader.
In a world where clickbait exaggerations become news, the power of novels and reading is even more important. Knowledge kills prejudice and reading makes the foreign relatable and human. Even if historical fiction, short story collections, memoirs, coming of age stories, or just novels in general aren't usually your thing, I challenge you to read at least one book on this list. You'll expand your horizons and resist falling trap to hateful and ignorant rhetoric, plus you'll be supporting writers who need it most right now.

Book Recommendations From Countries Targeted by Trump's Travel Ban

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