Saturday, February 18, 2017

Reading is Respectful: Book Recommendations to Honor History

While I believe Black History should be taught and learned year round, this month we elevate and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of black Americans - and that includes in our reading. The article I'm sharing lists seven books to start with, but these should be treated as just that - a starting point. From my own personal reading, I would add A Lesson Before Dying and Loving Day. (I'm not proud that I've read so few books by black women writers, especially recently. #readinggoals2017)

Again - even if history, coming of age, or historical sci-fi isn't your thing, black writers and black books come in all shapes and sizes and genres. Research the variety of authors that contribute to your preferred genres and try a novel or biography or romance or mystery or graphic novel by someone who you haven't read before, or someone who doesn't look like you. You just might find your new favorite author.

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