Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I spent these past two days (plus last week) reorienting myself at work. Our headquarters is in a new space for the year, which means finding new work areas, adjusting to a different commute, and getting into a summer rhythm. We also welcomed three new Teaching Fellows with a few training overviews, a Q&A session, lunches, and (my favorite) an escape-the-room challenge.

It's been nice to take a step back from working in school to remind myself why I came to this program in the first place, and to introduce it to newcomers. I've enjoyed the change of pace and the more individualized work of summer projects to prepare for the fall. Personally, I get to edit and revise lesson plans and rubrics, all of which is right up my alley. (After a year of struggling to grasp what these educational materials are/mean, I am now well-versed in them and how to make them more user-friendly - especially for the non-teacher crowd.)

I didn't realize until I was in the middle of it, but I needed this shift in perspective and tasks. It's helped out my work life and my home life, since my purpose is more clear and I can truly relax when I'm off the clock, not wondering if what I did that day was enough.

This is my conscious reminder to take time to hit pause and refresh. To remember how I got to where I am. To keep on keeping on, in the direction of my wild and varied curiosities.

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