Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Things My Students Say 4

Teacher: What's a perfect society?
Student: Not this!
Student: Tacos!
Student: No Donald Trump!
Student More teachers!

Teacher: Standardized tests are coming soon, be ready to read for two hours!
Student: Yes! I love reading!

Student, after reading "The Lottery": So...she doesn't win any money?

Student, looking at my wrists: Don't guys wear their watches on the right and girls on the left?
Me: Well, usually you wear it on the opposite wrist of the hand you write with, but you can wear it on whatever wrist you want.
Student: But, like low key, guys right, girls left...right?
Me: Um, no.

A list of "compliments" from students (mostly female) to my coworkers and me (also mostly female):

-You would look cute pregnant.
-You're not wearing make up today, right?
-Are those your real eyes?
-You could be in your twenties. Late twenties. Or maybe early thirties.
-Do you ever wear make up?
-That's your natural hair color I bet.

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