Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Happy Day

Happy Day of Happiness! I myself am feeling very happy these days. It feels good to know I've intentionally worked for "happy" (see: so many blog posts) and it's paid off - which isn't to say all of my happiness is my own doing, as I'm sure a big portion is my "growth" mindset (even not Happy things can lead to Happiness) and plain old being in the right place at the right time.

A short growing list of what's making me happy this Sunday afternoon:

  • brunch w/ my boo this morning (I was on coffee/bacon/fruit duty; he took care of pancakes and eggs.)
  • our new furniture rearrangement is doing wonders for the energy in the apartment
  • my newest journal is the perfect size for scribbles and doodles and word webs, aka I heart nontraditional journaling practices
  • i finally decided on a Bluetooth speaker thanks to my brother's recommendations and it's currently playing an acoustic playlist that goes with my chill out day
  • we fed Jesus's fam yesterday & in exchange they gave us an evening of joyful laughter (and a drying rack of clean dishes :) )
  • this weather, i mean c'mon - sunshine + cool breeze + random rains = cozy sweater weather on its way to sundress weather
  • Rachel & Jesus Travel 2016 - we all know the planning is half the fun :)
  • a few special visitors arrive in about one month, which means even more planning as a tour guide and host
  • friend dates
  • inter-office bracket challenges (I'm currently in 7th, though that'll most likely change before the night ends.)

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