Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Night Links 27

Welp. My bracket is busted, no thanks to Michigan State (or West Virginia, Cal, Purdue, Baylor...). Even though I rarely watch college basketball, I'll still keep updating my ESPN app for the next few weeks. There's just something about being a part of a national event that makes March feel less like the longest month ever and more like a crazy race to April. Let's have the experts explain:

I may not have many teams left to "cheer" for, but there are still exciting games coming up.

Simply put, there's a joy to picking teams you may know little about, then getting to know their stories and feeling the highs and lows of the tournament along with them.

Even if you aren't into basketball at all, the economic impact and social media presence of the tournament can't be ignored.

Finally, if Buzz Aldrin is into it, why the heck wouldn't anyone else be? (Note: He also picked Michigan State to take it all, so that makes me feel better about my decision.)

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