Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Night Survey: 365(ish) Pieces of Happiness and Humility Edition

I completed my Humility Jar in starts and fits in 2015. I had some good stretches and some forgetful stretches. Still, with at least 200 colorful slips of happy moments, I can say I know a little bit about what small moments made me happy in 2015.

This was my top category. Granted, I counted things like "work from home Friday" or "laughs with coworkers" as work, so it wasn't always the actual work part of work. I also counted my interview wins in this category, so it makes sense that it would be a larger category - 2015 was a big year for me professionally.

I counted any slips about spending time alone or actively pursuing self-care as "Me." Also included: any time I cleaned or organized, took a long bath/shower, or took myself on a date.

Tying with "Me" for second, I enjoyed a lot of food and specific restaurants last year. In no particular order: fish fry, pizza, Madison Public House, coconut ice cream, orange chicken, D'Noche, brownies (x2), Wasabi, brunch, chimichangas, sushi, empanadas, tea, tacos, Happy Hour (x2), enchiladas, and Citrus Cafe, among other slips that just read "making food," or "food and laughs."

Similar to 2014, nature was a biggie. Sunshine, walks, and fresh air helped keep my 2015 happy. Biking also drew its fair share of happy.

Jesus, Family, Friends
No surprises here - my tribe makes me happy. (It should also be noted that all three of these categories added to the four previous ones.)

I had some great entertainment moments in 2015. From silly to serious and live to scripted, I enjoyed shows like Parks & Rec, SNL, Velvet, The Nutcracker, The X-Files, Transparent, UnREAL, The Martian, and most recently Making a Murderer and Master of None.

I was little surprised to not see very many memories about reading or writing. Sure, there were enough of each to warrant them getting their own categories, but my guess is that (for reading at least), I'm already thinking about it a lot all day, and writing about it as I do it, so maybe it's less a small special moment from the day and more my overall existence in general. At least, I hope.

Random & Getting Shit Done
The rest of my happy slips didn't fit conveniently into any categories, except "getting shit done," which included things like the slips that said "jumping in and doing it" and "getting shit done."

My Happy Jar 2016 has three slips in it so far; I'm excited to see how my happy triggers grow and change!

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