Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Creative Outlets

In the dead of winter and before spring holidays arrive, I need a pick me up. I need things that make me feel alive when everything outside is dead. I need sights and smells and tastes. I need to feel at home in my home.

I need creative outlets.

This January, I've been spending a lot of time doing these three things (both as solo activities and with my #foreverroommate, Jesus). Paired with some new music (hello, Sia and Coldplay!), a glass of wine, and a candle or two, I'm celebrating this time of hibernation.

I recently picked up an adult coloring book. They've become popular, so you can find them almost anywhere. If I have a podcast playing, or if Jesus is home and wants to play video games, I can chill out and color. It requires the perfect amount of attention (enough to keep me occupied, not so much that can't focus) and it's strangely therapeutic to stay in the lines.

There's something about picking out a recipe and following it to create something to eat that makes me feel accomplished, productive, and human. These past few weeks I've made hummus, barbecues (sloppy joes), breaded fish filets, sugar cookies, falafel with a cucumber sauce, energy bars, cupcakes, and roasted root veggies along with my usual combos of rice/beans/eggs or pasta/veggies/sauce. Feeling creative and feeding myself? That's a win.

This "creative outlet" is a little less sexy than the other two, but just as effective. When I'm in the zone I can dust and sweep and de-clutter til the cows come home. After a week of letting laundry pile up or shoving my "stuff" into a pile on the table, it's refreshing to put things back in their place and relax on the couch in a tidied up room.

How do you stay sane until spring?

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