Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Night Survey: Solitary Walk Edition

In my quest for a better blog, I've come across some beautiful posts, layouts, and ideas. This is one that's featured on pretty much every life and style/home and garden/mommy blog, and for good reason. It's short, simple, and sweet. So much so that I think even a travel/food/hodgepodge writer-blogger can pull it off. (Find the original here.)

For my first "taking stock" list, I'm going way specific (and also adding/changing the original list to fit my needs): Taking stock of my impromptu Sunday night walk to Subway for a meal that didn't require using sources of heat in my apartment.

Seeing: the first open fire hydrant of the season
Hearing: the Blue Line, booms and pops of fireworks
Making: an attack plan for the week
Sipping: a Sprite as I walked the three blocks back home
Wanting: one more day in a weekend
Looking: pink from a day in the sun
Playing: with the idea of several new stories
Enjoying: the hours after sunset and before dark
Wondering: why the little boy walking with his mom ran to give me a hug
Loving: that he did so joyfully!
Hoping: this Subway still has falafel
Marveling: at front stoop conversations in several languages
Smelling: fresh-baked bread, the sulfur burn of an exploding firework
Wearing: a sun dress, with pockets!
Following: the flight lines of lightning bugs in an empty lot
Noticing: newly installed alley lights
Thinking: I'm glad I took a nap today
Feeling: content
Opening: my apartment door and feeling a rush of warm air

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