Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MADcation: Friday

Even though it only lasted three days and even though we were only about three hours from Chicago, Jesus and I had a great time in Madison. We took Van Galder from O'Hare and arrived near Memorial Union in the late afternoon, giving us plenty of time to lay out on the Terrace, grab some Ian's (as per Madison tradition), and snap some campus pics before meeting up with Quinn.
Decisions, decisions...
Quinn took us to Planet Fitness for a quick Friday night gym session (I sat on the recumbent bike and "rode" five miles while watching Say Yes To the Dress/MasterChef) then we made a quick stop at Target so Jesus could re-purchase a shirt for the wedding because he forgot to pack the one we bought in Chicago. He also forgot his tie, but don't worry, he remembered his protein supplements!
The mall had a Quizno's. Jesus wished there was a Spencer's nearby he could transfer to.
We grabbed a quick dinner at the mall and went back to Quinn's to relax a bit before heading out to see some of Bailey's friends, who are mysteriously always in Madison when I'm in Madison. Hmmmm. After a few rounds of beer pong and a brisk walk downtown, we called it a night so we could get some sleep for the next day: Saturday, wedding day, family date day!

(to be continued)

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