Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Weekend in the City

Despite missing the Bluesfest this year, I still managed to make the most of this weekend's festivals and activities. There's always something going on somewhere in Chicago, and this is never more true than in the summer!

Fiestas Puertorriqueñas (Puerto Rican Festival)
This festival is known for its debauchery and passionate displays of Puerto Rican pride, but for this white girl, it's a chance to pig out on deep fried food in the name of culture. It also takes place in Humboldt Park, which is less than a mile from my apartment. Jesus and I went on Friday night for dinner and marveled at the amount of people between bites of alcapurrias, papas rellenas, and pastelillos.

Movies in the Park
Jesus and I didn't stay super long at PR Fest because we had another activity planned for the evening: watching The Goonies at Revere Park for our first Movies in the Park of the summer. I've never been to Revere before, so I'm glad I got to expand my Chicago Parks horizon while enjoying a classic movie under the stars. (We could actually see a few!...among planes, Mars, and--according to Jesus--a UFO.)
Disclaimer: This is actually from Holstein Park...I caught the beginning of another MITP (Groundhog's Day) on Sunday during a walk and decided to document it since my phone died before I could snap a pic on Friday at Revere.
Father's Day
I got to chat with my own dad Sunday morning (and thank him again for building my bed--after a week of solid sleeping I could give him solid reviews) before making tarts and heading west to spend the day with Jesus's dad (and the rest of his family). I consider myself pretty lucky to have places to spend holidays when I can't make it back to Wisconsin. Whether with roommates and their families or Jesus and his family, having a solid community here is a big reason why I can call Chicago home.
homeward bound: belly full, mind relaxed

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