Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To be honest

To be honest,
my Happiness Jar
isn’t filling as fast
as it used to,
not for lack of
happiness, per se,
but perhaps a lack
of attentiveness.
To be honest,
it feels like each
crossed off day on
my calendar is
another reminder
that I’m not where
I thought I’d be at
twenty five and ¾.
To be honest, this
poem feels a little
too genuine and it
could be the wine talking,
or the guilt at purposely
avoiding poetry, but
I’d rather not post
this poem or any poem
I’ve written lately,
because some
things are best
not shared.


It's over, folks. National Poetry Month comes to a close tonight. I leave you with this for now: an apologetic offering for the last third of the month, when my (published) poems were sparse. If you think this is bad, you should see the ones I kept to myself! Only kidding. April isn't about good or bad, it's about creatingcreatingcreating. And some creating happened behind the might see the fruits of those labors in upcoming, non-poetry-focused months. ;)

Followers of this blog know what's next: photography. Set in May, National Photography Month (NaPhoMo perhaps?) is a convenient, well-placed break from the emotions and headiness that poetry revels in. Some photography inspires poetry, or stories, and some just begs to be gazed at. Some pictures aren't worth the "photograph" label, while others transcend mere photography and demand to be called art. I'm exploring all of it. Starting tomorrow. Right now, I drink wine and read romance poems.

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