Thursday, April 3, 2014

TCB (House Manager Anthem)

A tribute to "Takin' Care of Business," by Bachman-Turner Overdrive, re-imagined as a House Manager anthem. Also, a sign that I might have a future as Weird Al's songwriter and/or a commercial jingle writer? This isn't the first time I've commandeered a song to turn it into a poem.

TCB (House Manager Anthem)

I get up in the morning,
from the doorbell’s ringing,
leave at 7:45 in the rain.
There’s lightning up above,
cars are speeding and they’re revving;
pedestrians go running to the train.

We left pretty late,
got to school after eight,
that’s what happens when you don’t plan ahead.
I try not to get annoyed,
because at least I am employed,
but once I’m up I can’t go back to bed.

And I’m
taking care of households (on weekdays)
taking care of teenagers (yeah, it pays)
taking care of laundry (it’s not mine)
taking care of business, getting overtime.

It’s not very fancy,
being someone’s nanny,
but I still write and it pays the bills.
Got my trusty laptop,
I’ll get this written, chop chop,
then go back to dusting off windowsills.

People think it’s all fun,
just a-gettin it done,
I tell them that it does have its perks.
There’s the food and laidback dress code,
the independent work load,
but nannying still does have its quirks.

I’m always
taking care of dinner (healthy meals)
taking care of errands (I use my boss’s wheels)
taking care of groceries (pantry stocked)
taking care of business and working til I drop.

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