Monday, September 30, 2013

Falling for Happy

Who here is having a hard time believing tomorrow is October? September, with its temperature swings, fits of rain, and ever earlier sunsets, put me through a gamut of activity and emotion. Still, my handy dandy How to be Happy list didn't fail me:
  1. Doodle. This I do frequently.
  2. Let loose. Less frequently, but it has been done.
  3. Organize a potluck dinner. Yes, for Becca's birthday.
  4. Play devil's advocate. My preferred mode of argument.
  5. Pretend it's a new year. With the new school year starting and so many changes happening around here (Brit in school, Becca/Diego moving in/out) it does feel like a "new" year.
  6. Go to a trade show or convention. Can I phone a friend for this one? Jesus is the convention-goer.
  7. Buy a new tool to complete a project. I bought several photo albums to complete my picture-printing-out project.
  8. Organize a group effort. Again, helped organize Becca's birthday celebration.
  9. Pray for something. Yes.
  10. Don't answer your phone. YES.
  11. Imagine you had all the money you want. what? Feel sad?  
  12. Send a postcard to yourself. Umm...I write myself letters in my journal.
  13. Read the Bible as literature. Yes.
  14. Stay home all day. Yes...terday.
  15. Eat popcorn for dinner. I don't think I've done that this month, but I've had crackers and cheese...
  16. Ask for directions. Yes, I do this...though I rarely need to. 
  17. Look through your personal archives. Journals/photos/memory box things...yep.
  18. Visit a university or college campus. Not sure I've done that this month, but I sometimes drive through DePaul for work.
  19. Start a tradition. Hmmm...I've continued traditions. Hard to say whether or not any are started, but I'll let you know next year I guess.
  20. Test drive your fantasy car. Would need a fantasy car first...
  21. Make an overseas phone call. Does the Gulf of Mexico/Panama Canal = overseas and Skype = phone call?
  22. Imagine your death. I would prefer not to.
  23. Be on time for every appointment. That's my M.O.
  24. Tell someone the story of "Little Red Riding Hood". ?? I definitely tell stories, but not this one.
  25. Play a board game. Yes.
  26. Organize a clash day. Another M.O. of mine...making every day Clash Day.
  27. Take a risk with money - gamble. ...Not my M.O. :/
  28. Think everything through before you act. Something I strive to do, except then I get caught up in the thinking too much and forget to act.
  29. Go on a boat ride. Sorry, did not have the chance to do this during September. 
  30. Wish on a star. Definitely had the chance to do this and definitely took that chance.

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