Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hostel Del Naw

When can you call your apartment a hostel? Probably at about the time you host 7 different people in the span of a week. The Naw has had a revolving door this past week, housing out of towners, homeless friends, and travelers.

Whether they stayed for a night during longer travels, are biding their time until a new apartment opens up, or have full blown moved in until further notice, all of our guests have been wonderful and flexible, sleeping in whatever beds are available at the moment. Still, it's been crazy always having extra people around.

PROS of extra roommates:

  • Extra groceries - all of our guests have either brought us food, are willing to run to the grocery store for us, or have pitched in to grocery bills.
  • Homemade meals - it's a rare night when someone doesn't make dinner for the apartment, family-style.
  • Breakfast buddies - we have a built-in coffee clutch/tea time every morning!
  • Spanish practice - the majority of our guests have lived in Spanish-speaking countries or are fluent speakers, yay for me!
  • Extended closet - my wardrobe is always growing and changing.
  • Gossip - we are staying super in the loop about ourselves and all of our friends.

CONS of extra roommates:
  • Cramped bathroom time - we perform an elaborate dance at night between showers, brushing teeth, and bed prep and it starts all over in the morning.
  • Little to no privacy - I'm not a private person, per se, but every now and then I need some closed-door-by-myself-room-time.
  • Laundry woes - we have a lot of dirty laundry and only one washer/dryer.
  • Nothing lasts! - as much as we grocery shop, the bananas we got yesterday are always gone today.
  • Gossip - like the privacy issue, everyone who lives here currently knows everyone else's shit. Part of it is our "Full Disclosure" policy, part of it is the thin walls, part of it is we talk loud about everyone we know.
Much like MercyWorks, living at the Naw right now is fun, frustrating, tiring, and awesome. I'm enjoying the change of pace, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't keeping an eye out for quieter times ahead.

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