Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pretty Muddy

I don't normally run three miles (ever), but when I do, I make sure I get really muddy. Yesterday, Mom and I ran the Pretty Muddy Women's Mud Run, a tamer cousin of other mud runs out there. Mom and Dad have already run their own mud run, and now Mom is hooked. We figured this would be a good one for her to keep going on her kick and for me to ease into this whole trend. It was also their wedding anniversary yesterday, so it made for a fun way to celebrate.

We got to the course plenty early, so after some stretching and warming up, Mom and I were ready to go. From the Start/Finish line all we could see was a tunnel filled with soapy bubbles (the first obstacle) and a giant mud pit stretched out under some netting (the last obstacle). The rest of the course wound its way through several soybean fields and wooded areas.

We didn't run the whole 5K, but we did a lot of jogging, climbing, crawling, sliding, and carrying. Since the race wasn't timed, there wasn't a huge air of competition and many of the women cheered each other on at the obstacles, or commiserated with them over shared mud coverings. Mom and I wished there were more obstacles, since many of them only required a minimum of mud activity, but we still enjoyed the tranquil setting juxtaposed with splashing in pits of squelchy mud.

We saw big girls and small girls, young girls and old girls, mother-daughter teams and entire friend groups dressed in tutus, nun habits, tie dye t-shirts, cheetah leggings, wigs, and any other costumes people didn't mind getting dirty in. Mom said that if we had a team name it could be Half & Quarter Century because of our ages.

At the finish line we were greeted with cups of water and Pretty Muddy medals. Everything we touched got promptly covered in mud until we made our way back to the hose off station, where tons of women sprayed each other off in various stages of undress. One woman stripped down to undies and bra, revealing lacy whites only slightly muddy. Her friend asked why she wore such fancy underwear and she replied, "Didn't your mom tell you to always wear nice panties? You never know who might see them later!"

I felt good after the run, and was only a little tired later in the day, but I am sore this morning. When I woke up I limped to the bathroom, holding my butt and thighs. This is what I get for doing zero training before activities. Luckily I have today to recuperate on the couch...while watching FOOTBALLLLLLLLLLLL! Sayonara Summer, here comes Fall.

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