Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learning Via Music

I'm supposed to be studying Spanish for my class later. Currently this looks like youtubing Spanish music, looking up lyrics/translations, and learning new songs. Unsurprisingly, most of my favorite Spanish-language music is by Italian-born artists. Thankfully, most Italian singers release Spanish versions of their most popular songs (sometimes entire albums) along with the Italian versions. If they are lucky/popular enough, they release their songs in English as well. Here are a few of my favorite artists/songs:

Tiziano Ferro - I love a lot of this guy's music. Italian, Spanish, and English--he has a beautiful voice and it's hard to not enjoy such passionate songs.


Tardes Negras

Laura Pausini - Also a passionate Italian singer with songs in multiple languages. I sometimes confuse these new Spanish lyrics with Italian ones I learned while in Rome.

En Cambio No

Primavera Anticipada (featuring James Blunt)

La Sonrisa de Julia - an actual band from Spain, found when I googled "Spanish music that sounds like Jack Johnson/Coldplay/Dave Matthews Band"... Don't get me wrong, bachata/cumbia/salsa/other traditional Spanish-language music is great, but that's not what I typically listen to (even considering how diverse the genre "Latin" is). If I'm going to use music to support my language learning, I want it to be music that I would listen to regardless of language. These guys are a rock band who happen to speak Spanish.

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