Sunday, September 22, 2013

65th Emmy Awards/Bears vs Steelers

Two for the price of one! Tonight I will live-blog the Emmys, but as luck would have it, the Bears are also playing and my roommates would kick me out if I hogged the TV all night. Hopefully it's not confusing if I react to an acceptance speech and an interception in the same sentence. Keep this page open/refreshed -- the fun starts at 7 with the Emmys and gets amped up at 7:30 once the game starts.

6:45 pm: Putting the finishing touches on dinner, slow cooker chicken pot pie. We've gotten good at cooking for many/meals eaten in shifts to accommodate five people with different schedules.

6:57 pm: The Jets/Bills game is definitely still on CBS.

7:00 pm: Still commercials...

7:04 pm: And here we go!

7:08 pm: Interesting montage intro. Classy. NPH is charming, as always.

7:12 pm: Ha! Jimmy Kimmel. And Jane Lynch! And Jimmy Fallon! And Conan! And...that guy? I'm not good at TV.

7:15 pm: A moment, for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Goddesses of TV. I know that. Tina is looking super fine tonight.

7:18 pm: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie. No idea what that show is, but I recognize her from her role on New Girl, where she also shines. ...And best acceptance speech ever. Nailed it.

7:23 pm: Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series: Tina Fey, Tracy Wigfield, 30 Rock. I love funny women.

7:26 pm: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Tony Hale, Veep. Again, I don't know Veep, but I did love Hale in Arrested Development.

7:29 pm: Robin've aged.

7:37 pm: Jon Hamm and Alec Baldwin, silver foxes.

7:38 pm: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy: Julia Louis-Drefus, Veep. Does Tony Hale play the same kind of character on Veep that he did on AD?

7:40 pm: Outstanding Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy: IF JUSTIN DIDN'T WIN...what?! Boo.

7:42 pm: Outstanding Director in a Comedy: Gail Mancuso, Modern Family. Still haven't watched that show. Go Ladies!

7:45 pm: Sophia, wow. Outstanding Actor in a Comedy: Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory. Somehow this show always wins. I don't get the appeal.

7:49 pm: Bears are up, 3-0. First and goal....Touchdown! 10-0.

7:56 pm: Is it the lighting? Everyone looks shiny and washed out. These are not the Academy Awards.

7:58 pm: No one here is into this song, sorry Elton/Liberace. Watching the Bears score another Touchdown! make a big run!

8:02 pm: Touchdown?

8:04 pm: ...Touchdown?

8:08 pm: Touchdown!

8:10 pm: What did we miss, CBS? Oh, INTERVENTION. LOL.

8:13 pm: Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series: Henry Bromell, Homeland.

8:14 pm: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama: Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad. I think I should probably watch this show, based on the obsession everyone else seems to have for it.

8:22 pm: Cutler to Forte. Awesome. Cutler to ...the ground. Less awesome.

8:26 pm: SO glad we switched over right now. Loving this award song featuring Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman. Also loving all these gay jokes.

8:28 pm: Outstanding Reality Competition Program: The Voice. Wow, no win for The Amazing Race. I think that's a first.

8:38 pm: Something about Ben Roethlisberger gives me the creeps.

8:40 pm: THAT was a good catch.

8:45 pm: No, Carrie. Sorry. Back to the game.

8:50 pm: This game isn't exciting right now either. :/

8:53 pm: The accountants...and Bob Newhart!

8:55 pm: Outstanding Actress in a Drama: Claire Danes, Homeland. She needs a different dress. Different color. Different cut. Something.

8:58 pm: Outstanding Guest Actor/Actress in a Drama: Gonna be super honest here, didn't catch either of their names or the shows they were in.

8:59 pm: Outstanding Director in a Drama: David Fincher, House of Cards.

9:04 pm: Outstanding Writing in a OMG Bob Newhart is so cute. Sorry, Variety Series: Ummm there are a lot of writers on these shows. Room for one more? And the winner is...The Colbert Report. Have some class, writers...stop with the on-stage selfies.

9:06 pm: Director in a Variety Series: Don Roy King, SNL. For the Justin Show! By far the best in a while.

9:12 pm: Osos de Chicago! My Spanish class is really paying off.

9:20 pm: 27-10.

9:22 pm: Outstanding Variety Series: The Colbert Report. They win a lot, right?

9:31 pm: 27-13.

9:32 pm: Outstanding Writing in a Miniseries: (Full Disclosure, have not seen any of these)...Abi Morgan, The Hour. I like that her hair is simple/classy. Cute story too!

9:34 pm: More full disclosure, I know none of these actors/actresses.

9:37 pm: Kaley's dress is my favorite I've seen so far.

9:42 pm: Still 27-10.

9:45 pm: Break from Emmys and football to see Brooke's new school wardrobe. :)

9:47 pm: 27-13.

9:50 pm: 27-20. I looked away/stopped listening. What just happened? Watching two shows is tiring.

9:56 pm: Outstanding Actor in a Miniseries: Michael Douglas. Another guy who's really getting old. Great use of sexual innuendo.

9:58 pm: Outstanding Miniseries/Movie: Behind the Candelabra. I have a slight interest in seeing this.

10:09 pm: 27-23. The Bears have clearly taken precedence over the Emmys tonight. Sorry, non-Bears fans/non-football fans. Such is life when you live in Chicago/have more football fans than pop culture fans in your apartment.

10:13 pm: I can respect a quarterback who doesn't slide all the time/makes a hit as he's going down.

10:19 pm: We say it's a touchdown. Glad the refs agree. 34-23.

10:26 pm: 40-23. Polamalu is a beast.

10:34 pm: Side notes: We at the Naw are SO excited for the Season Premieres of Chicago Fire and Law and Order: SVU. This week, on NBC.

10:42 pm: Somehow the Bears are awesome this year. The Packers, not so much. The Steelers, really not at all.

10:44 pm: 40-23, game. See you at the next Awards Show/Football Game/Live Event!

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