Monday, September 16, 2013


Sometimes you need a good cry over something not real. Movies are a perfect way to force catharsis, and animated movies are an even better medium to get emotional with, I say. When you just want to get hopelessly and needlessly slobbery and boogery, why not do it with characters who aren't even real people? Animated movies allow grown ups to let down their guards and have at it, emotion-wise.

Tangled, Disney's 2010 animated version of the Rapunzel story, had me in wrenching sobs by the end, but first I laughed and giggled at its silliness. While the music isn't particularly catchy, I enjoyed the story of the princess stolen as a baby and raised in a tower by a witch. I thought the animations were clever, and because I watched with Jesus, it was fun to make comparisons between ourselves and Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene. I haven't cut my hair in over a year, so I could relate to Rapunzel's beauty routine, and Jesus feels he, like Flynn/Eugene, is "awesome in general" (his words).

As the movie came to climactic finish, I found myself fighting tears. I know Disney isn't about dramatic tragedies, but I couldn't help but put myself in the main characters' places and imagine the dire-ness of their situations if a miracle didn't occur. Even once I knew the happy ending was on its way, I still had tears--this time of joy for the good fortune of the now beloved characters.

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