Saturday, January 7, 2012

Job Security: Laundry & Dishes are Never-ending

You know the feeling of getting home from work and not wanting to do anymore work? Say you're a chef, after you close up your restaurant, do you want to go home and cook more? I'm going to bet you're tired of chopping and sauteing. Same goes for house management--after a day of laundry, cleaning, and making dinner I rarely want to do the same for myself at home.

Which is probably why it took our apartment about a week to fully recover from our New Year's Eve party. We cleaned a bunch last weekend, but for some reason our dishes stayed, stacked precariously at the edge of the sink. Sure, I'd wash a handful here and there when I needed a plate or bowl to eat dinner, and Brit would later put the clean dishes away in the cupboard, but this entire week we struggled to get all of them washed, dried, and put away in one go.

Until last night. We powered right through those dishes. Or rather, Brit powered through them while I made us a giant pan of veggies and beans and cheese, our ultimate comfort meal.

Besides apartment chores, I've also had several errands to run--library, post office, pharmacy--and I finally got to those today too. Based on my going rate, I could have paid someone about $40 to do all my personal chores for me, but since winter seems to be officially over (50 degrees in January, hello global warming!) I didn't mind the long walk I got this morning.

And now I don't feel so guilty curling up on the couch for a little playoff-watching nap.

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