Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reunion for a Union

West Coast, East Coast, and Rocky community has traveled from various corners of the States to gather itself here, in Chicago, once again! There's nothing like a wedding to bring people together six months after their volunteer year.

It's surreal seeing everyone in the same room, almost like we didn't spend the last half of 2011 missing each other and wondering when we'd see each other, like we've only been apart for a week. It's also surreal saying "see you tomorrow" and knowing that will actually for real happen.

In a few hours we're headed to Lisle for wedding number one. (Our grand once-a-year-reunion plan: one community member gets married every year. That guarantees us 14 solid years of reunions, right? Well, 13, taking into account current relationships.) I haven't had to dress up for an adult gathering in some time, and we're on the photography list, so I'm glad the models are here in full force to help me out with that situation.

Speaking of which, I promised I would shower today. The things I do for these people.

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