Saturday, January 28, 2012

Testing v Pushing

Thursday night at yoga, the instructor encouraged us to test our limits, but not push them. He said on a scale of one to ten, one being no feeling and ten being pain, he wanted us hovering right at an eight. This week I've definitely done some testing of myself. I've maybe even gotten into pushing the limits territory.

First, let's applaud the fact that I was fully functioning on my 12th of 12 days straight of work. (Yes, I'm bragging about it.) I'm a little surprised I felt as good as I did Friday morning, but I have been adamant about getting sleep at night, even if it means a little less socializing. It's amazing to me how much more I can accomplish in a day when I've slept the night before. Who knew?

Several things at work have also tested me and my home maintenance abilities. First, I had to change a water filtration system, which required shutting off the valves under the sink. Turns out shutting off the only three valves you see is not enough. You must also shut off the tiny valve way back in the dark where you can barely reach. In fact, that's the most important valve to shut off BEFORE taking the filtration system apart to avoid a steady stream of water pouring forth from a place that's NOT the faucet. I figured that out eventually, but not before pleading with dear sweet Jesus to save me from the Great Flood. I think there might have even been a rainbow when I finally got the filters switched and the puddles dried up.

The next day my challenge was to re-light the pilot light for the water heater. Not a daunting task until you read the instructions and all the warnings that go with it, among them the threat of "Explosion or Loss of Life" if instructions are not followed correctly. I guess it should make me feel confident that my boss trusts me enough to perform such a dangerous task. And really, after following the instructions word for word it was pretty simple.

Friday night's test was to squish two reunions in after work. Miraculously, I got to hang out with high school friends (we calculated & we've officially known each other for ten years, whaaaat?) AND nearly my entire community in the span of three or so hours. What's great about both these groups is when we're together, it's like we haven't even been apart. That's justice.

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