Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting Found in the Lost Generation

It doesn't matter that I'm a sophomore of real life (it's my second year out of college, what?!!?), I still read like I'm a sophomore in college (English 305, whattup!). I read one good book and become obsessed with a certain time period/literary style. In Rome it was ancient Roman history, senior year it was the Beat Generation, last year it was Chicago fiction. And now? A recent reading of The Paris Wife by Paula McLain has turned me on to the Lost Generation. (Also just watched Midnight in Paris. A fun movie, mostly because I had just finished The Paris Wife.)

I used to automatically discount Hemingway as an alcoholic womanizer, but couldn't deny enjoying his work. After reading the (fictional) account of his time in Paris with his first wife along with several other (nonfiction) biographies and reader companions, I have far less harsh judgment for him. And I've started a quest to read up on him and his contemporaries.

What is perhaps most interesting about my literary choices are how they coincide with my personal life. Each genre/writing style/choice of topic somehow paralleled whatever was happening in my immediate world. Or I'm just super awesome at reading into things to make it seem like it relates. Either way, it makes for intriguing and many times writing-inspiring reads. Did I just foreshadow more stories/poems? Maybe.

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