Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"you've got a lot going on here"

Worked out again this morning! Okay...read People on the StairMaster.

Then I hoofed it over to the Writing Center for a few office hours. One scheduled appointment turned into a no show and I used all the quiet time, comfy swivel chair access, and energy from the bag of M&M's I found in the cabinet to finish another application--this one for Augustinian Volunteers out of Pennsylvania. They have locations in Chicago, the Bronx, San Diego, and Lawrence (MA).

I also found time this afternoon to see the RN at the Health Center, where I learned my body is falling apart. Not really, but she gave me Sudanyl for my sinus congestion and some eye drops for what appears to be conjunctivitis. What is that you ask? Let's just say the windows to my soul are the color of a baby girl's bonnet. Wonderful. I'm going to love wearing my glasses for a week.

She also set me up with the Health Center Director so he can figure out what's up with my side pain. My guess is my spleen wants to expel itself from body just for fun, but maybe he'll have a better hypothesis.

On the docket for tomorrow: tutoring and finishing another application.

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