Saturday, January 23, 2010

put something witty here. --me//okay. --me again

After all of the writing and reading I have been doing lately I realize writing breeds more writing. I can't stop thinking in my narrative voice, which is okay because after so long I've come to treat it as my more intelligent best friend. My more intelligent and sarcastic best friend. Also, I may have just diagnosed myself with multiple personality disorder there.

My current reading list: Dreaming in Hindi by Katherine Russell Rich and Up in the Air by Walter Kirn (now a major motion picture starring George Clooney!).

My current writing list: application essays, this blog, a novel. That last one's an exaggeration unless you can count 200 pages of collected blog posts and journal entries from when I was in Rome. My motivation is getting it all in one place, finally, one year later. With some embellishment maybe that place could be a bookstore? I'm going to start changing the names for fun.

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