Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The first of my last

This is going to be short since the NyQuil I took is starting to work. Second semester highlights:

-I am in a weight training class MWF at 8 in the morning. Pros: I'm going to have arms like Michelle Obama. Cons: 8 in the morning.

-I felt like I was in Italy again when the classroom got switched way last minute for my Film and Literature course. Luckily two other girls did not get the memo so we could be embarrassed together as we walked in 15 minutes late.

-Being late/mixed up got way better when Dr. Risden did first a Sean Connery impression and then a Godfather impression within 5 minutes of each other. Awesome.

-Again, the classroom (and professor this time) of my Criminology course got switched. I had just checked to be safe, though, so I made it to the right place at the right time.

-My hopes were dashed when Dr. Shippee wrote Sociological Criminology on the board followed by: NOT CSI, NOT Criminal Minds, NOT Silence of the Lambs.

-Poverty and Social Justice promises to be an interesting class, especially considering my post grad plans of service in the social justice world.

-Sr. Sally Ann, who teaches Pov & Soc Just, is the sweetest nun ever. She made the entire room smell grandmotherly and I would not feel out of place asking her to tie my shoe in the middle of class.

-I already have a stack of books two feet high from various libraries that may or may not be related to my classes.

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  1. What is a grandmotherly smell I hope it is sweetness. lov gma