Thursday, January 21, 2010


That's what Dr. Gary thinks I have. After a series of questions and some poking and prodding, he pulled that polysyllabic wonder out. It basically means the cartilage of my ribcage is inflamed. So it's not my spleen or a muscle cramp or anything like that. And now I get to take copious amounts of ibuprofen to take care of it.

Today's Application of the Day is from MercyWorks, the volunteer program connected to Mercy Home in Chicago. (again, Chicago). I was feeling discouraged as I began the application, thinking I wasn't suited for it even though the coordinator showed an initial interest, but as I looked through their website and read the current volunteers' reflections I got more confident. Those volunteers sounded a lot like me--unsure at first, but passionate about social concerns.

So I'm going to keep filling it out and trust that I end up in the right program for me.

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  1. I too have costo-OUCH! Not fun at all....How is yours doing? You can find me at Hope you are feeling better!! Don't worry- I'm not a spammer at all. Just blogsearching for others who have this condition.