Tuesday, August 9, 2016

One for All & All for One

This is a post about Disney's classic musical, Newsies, but also a recommendation for Block 37's street food-style market, Latinicity. Both are classic crowd-pleasers with spunk, pep, and flavor.

You're either a fan of musicals or you aren't - and if you are, there's a good chance you're already on the Newsies bandwagon. If not, hop on my friend. Newsies is the classic David v Goliath tale, with more singing and dancing. And two Tony Awards! Here, take a look:

Do you want a burger? Tacos? Ceviche? Maybe just a drink, or some coffee? Latinicity is the answer for hungry people who can't agree where to eat in the Loop. Like a high end food court/bar/market, there's a little something for everyone - and it's all good. I know, I've had (almost) all of it. That's the other beautiful thing -  smorgasbord eating. It truly is a restaurant for all, where all of the food can be just for one.

In music and in eating, it's all about seizing the day.

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