Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Night Links 33

The 2016 Rio Olympics come to a close this Sunday, ending a Games filled with victories big and small, and defeats memorable and ripe for redemption at Tokyo 2020. NBC has been criticized for its US-centric and commercial-saturated coverage, but luckily it's 2016 and viewers can easily turn to the internet for a wider variety of Olympics news. Here are just a few:

The Olympics are supposed to transcend politics, but sometimes they influence them and are in turn influenced by them in unforeseen ways.

Before the Olympics begin (and long after they are over), the Games have an effect on the host city's most vulnerable citizens. (One of the reasons why I was cool with Chicago losing the 2016 bid.)

For all the winners at the Games, there have to be some losers as well.

It's not all bad - for US athletes, just being part of Team USA has benefits, regardless of medals.

And because we run the world, 18 golden moments of feminism.

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