Thursday, August 11, 2016

As Puerto Rico Does: Beaches, Caves, Waterfalls, & Rainforests

This is less a post about what Puerto Ricans (or visitors to Puerto Rico) do and more about what the island has to offer by way of geographical landmarks. While only 100 miles at its longest and 35 miles north to south, PR has enough land formations and bodies of water to quench even the most intrepid explorer's thirst for adventure. This collection is by no means exhaustive - these are just several spots we were lucky enough to see during our vacation.

Playa Cerro Gordo: Come for the (clean, uncrowded) beach, stay for the hike that brings you to a breathtaking view, unobstructed by anything man-made.

Cueva de las Golondrinas & Poza de los Mujeres: Take a nice long walk to get away from civilization and reward yourself with a day of exploring a few caves at low tide and/or laying out on the beach.

El Yunque: The only rain forest in the US National Forest System and home to stunning vistas and nearly private waterfalls. (Bring swimsuits and water shoes!)

Cueva del Indio: Climb down an old (but sturdy) wooden ladder to see Taino carvings in the rocks. Stay up top to enjoy (yet another) breathtaking view.

Rio Camuy Cave Park: This guided tour takes you into a natural limestone cavern formed by the Camuy River. Watch out for bat poop!

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