Thursday, August 4, 2016


Here we are again, another year older and wiser. It's interesting to me to look back and see what I wanted for myself in the past year - and to see how it came about - and I also like to look forward and imagine what shape next year might take.

When I turned 27 I wanted to:

Embrace new friendships & Cultivate old friendships: I can now add some of those "new friendships" into the cultivation category.
Reach out to potential mentors: I'm still figuring out my Fellowship experience, which means leaning heavily on work mentors and Fellowship alums - especially in my second year! I'm happy to say I have a handful of people to call on when I have professional (and personal) questions.
Create a home: One year and several apartment arrangements later...this place feels like home (and also a work in progress). We also now have a tree.

What do I want for 28? More of the same. 27 was a good year, so instead of giving myself specific goals I'm gonna stick with my most recent guiding philosophy:

Follow your (my) curiosities.

I've never been great at goal-setting (or answering the dreaded "Where do you see yourself in five years?" question), so this mantra feels more genuine. I prefer to choose a direction rather than a goal, and "adjust accordingly" as I go. Even the goals I do set for myself are open-ended, more like guidelines or "intentions," (that's the tag I use on here for more traditional "goal" lists). 

I agree with Jason Fried, who says, "I just worked at whatever I was working on and ended up wherever I am. I continue to approach work and life that same way today." For me that sounds like graduating college, then moving to Chicago. Working in a group home, then nannying. Now I'm teaching middle schoolers and coordinating volunteers. Next year? We'll see when we see.

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