Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: Launch Week Edition

We're one week into the school year, football season has kicked off, and tomorrow marks the official start of Citizen Schools programming at my school. I'm excited and nervous, mostly because this whole teacher thing is feeling more real than ever tonight.

Getting: used to being called Miss K.
Feeling: a little slaphappy at the end of the day Friday.
Sweeping: our floors again and again...what we get for living in the shadow of the Kennedy Expressway.
Hanging: out with Quinn!
Laughing: out loud at The Shicago Show.
Visiting: Jesus's parents/family.
Eating: beefs!
Making: "stuffed" grilled cheese.
Watching: the Packers beat the Bears in the latest installment of the NFL's Oldest Rivalry.
Finding: another local bar with some great specials.
Decorating: my "office" space.
Closing: our windows at night; reopening them during the day (welcome to fall!).
Sleeping: in, which probably won't help me wake up tomorrow. Oops!

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