Thursday, September 3, 2015

As the Teaching Fellows Do

School hasn't officially started yet, but I think I can share a little more about what a Teaching Fellow does.


After almost two months on the job, I've realized that my "job description" is ever evolving and changes with the week/day. Much like House Management, a Teaching Fellowship is all about flexibility and adaptability. A few more (specific) similarities? In these seven weeks I've already painted, gardened, gotten price quotes, organized, and baked at or for work. Luckily, I've also gotten to speak to a few parents (in English and Spanglish and, let's be honest, very broken Spanish), meet a few students, joke and bond with my team, and reflect in a one-on-one meeting with my Campus Director, so I'm feeling appropriately challenged, celebrated, and invested in.

Next week I'll meet my students, attend meetings with teachers, and get my Apprenticeship assignments (part of the after school portion of Citizen Schools, which pairs volunteer experts and professionals - Citizen Teachers - with middle schoolers for a 10-week course culminating in an exhibition we call a Wow!), but for now I'm preparing agendas, planning lessons, and lending a hand where it's needed. Basically, I'm getting things done for America.

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