Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Night Links 24

Remember when it was still the middle of summer? With only three warm holiday weekend days left of mine, I'm getting in the right frame of mind for school. It'll be my first First Day in six years, and my first First Day at my new school. Here's what's rattling around my brain:

Something that fits in everyday life, but seems totally accurate for my next two years in the Fellowship. (Yep, I know I linked this in my last FNL post, but it's so perfect.)

I'm jealous of this classroom.

The first day school is important - for overall attendance, for a student's mindset of learning, and for a school's budget ("school funding follows the child"). To that end, CPS is using/taking advantage of a number of strategies to get kids to school on Tuesday. (Chicago parents: make sure your kids get to school on Day One!)

You know, because we don't have any other issues to handle or deal with in this country...

And finally, a shameless plug for Citizen Schools...we're #crushingit on social media.

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