Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday Night Survey: It's After Midnight Already? Edition

Answer: yes, it is. So I'll keep this brief. I spent this weekend:

Taking: long walks. OUTSIDE.
Applying: to more jobs (still/always), but
Feeling: content with my life right now.
Making: homemade brownies with dulce de leche.
Eating: homemade tacos with barbacoa and guacamole.
Tasting: several new beers and
Deciding: I'll stick to wine and cider, thanks.
Saying: goodbye to some of my favorite TV characters ever (Parks and Rec).
Getting: to knew a few new characters (House of Cards).
Finishing: Horns by Joe Hill.
Starting: The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani.
Craving: pizza (you knew that was coming).
Looking: forward to riding my bike to work and everywhere!

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