Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hump Day Thoughts

  1. It is Hump Day, right? For some reason I can't keep my days straight this week.
  2. This week feels like it's more about survival than anything else - I keep coaching myself through the days and hours.
  3. I'm also doing a lot of lying to myself: "You'll only need to wear a billion layers for a few more days." "Tomorrow will be above freezing!" "You don't look tired at all."
  4. Recently, all I want to do is watch TV. I have two episodes of Parks and Rec left and I'm digging Season 3 of House of Cards.
  5. My dreams have been vibrant and violent lately. Just last night I was involved in a car chase.
  6. I'm so looking forward to being able to ride my bike to work again.
  7. I had one more thing, but I got distracted by the ray of sun that just slid into my room. Excuse me while I bask in it until I have to go to work.

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