Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Night Links 16

Since I haven't shared my current bookmarks in a while (my Friday nights have been activity-packed these past few weeks (including tonight), which is strange for me, but also a nice change), and since this week has been physically, mentally, and emotionally draining (and next week's forecast looks like more of the same)...some links to things that have fed me recently.

I also love the between times - "I’ve found my senses are most finely tuned when I’m forced to let things be — and in times of transition, there’s so much to be lost (or missed) in the rush to get to whatever’s next."

If I wasn't pretty sure that the theme of my 2015 is "authentic," I'd make it "minimal" - less is more.

How will I pay the bills? Again, less is more.

About doing what you love...(and not having a capital P "Passion," but rather lots of curiosity about the world). (Via)

Another beautiful collection of vignettes by Shoko (she clearly knows what's up): "for the most part, the discombobulation has been a thrill."

Happy Weekend!

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